Low Cost Cosplay freaks it out again with an epic tribute to My Hero Academia

As we move into the month of February, fans start to feel more and more hype for the premiere of the fifth season of My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Akademia in its original name) … And is that, There is very little left!

For this reason, it is not surprising that the always “chanante” Thai cosplayer known as Low Cost Cosplay has returned to do his thing to pay tribute to the anime of My Hero Academia, daring nothing more and nothing less than a cosplay of the character of Minoru Mineta using only the sole of your foot. Do you want to see how he did it? Keep reading!

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A hilarious My Hero Academy cosplay!

At this point in the film you will already know that Low Cost Cosplay’s work is characterized by replicate scenes from anime, manga, movies, or comics with a very “walk-around” style. And it is that the Thai cosplayer dares with any scene or character using only your imagination and what you literally find in a drawer.

Between that and some perspective tricks get cosplays that go around the world for their wit and high doses of humor. In this case, Low Cost Cosplay has wanted to do a cosplay of the little character from My Hero Academia painting the sole of your foot (Yes, you read that correctly), the result, of course, is to laugh:

As you can see in the image, the cosplay is completely nailed. No matter how much a foot, thanks to working with colored paint, a marker and a piece of cloth, the cosplayer’s foot has become the perfect replica of Minoru Mineta.

If this hilarious scene falls short for you, you will like to know that Low Cost Cosplay has hundreds of super fun cosplays, without going any further, a couple of weeks ago he dared with a totally hilarious Naruto cosplay. A tribute to the one who wore (attention) a boiled egg cut in half to recreate the character’s eyes.

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