low cost cosplay is really hilarious!

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Who says that you have to spend a lot to make a great cosplay? If there is a little imagination and inventiveness, then that’s it. Inventiveness is what sets the instagram account apart lowcostcosplayth, whose real name of the user is Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, who knows how to create some wonderful and hilarious cosplays with everything she has at home. On his Instagram profile you can find everything, but the cosplat of has been particularly successful Godzilla, published in late January.

In the photo we see Cha holding his foot in his right hand and a series of light bulbs used on Christmas days in his left hand. What he did was glue the series of bulbs onto the instep, as if it were some kind of mane. He turned on the lights, took the photo, edited with the right effects and here’s the recult: the foot turned into the perfect Godzilla.

This solution could also be used by the film’s production crew, who can greatly reduce the cost of filming and special effects, borrow Cha’s foot, and make the whole film that way. Cha has almost a million followers on his Instagram account, who are cheered day after day with beautiful homemade cosplay and funny photos, where imagination and ingenuity are the masters. Among the most beautiful photos we have those of Wonder Woman, the alien made with the nose, Batman, the men of Among Us, the former president of the United States Donald Trump, Ursula de The little Mermaid, It, various characters of Dragon Ball and various other reinterpreted foods.

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