Luna Yanlu Leung 2008-2009 tribute to CLAMP Anima and funny cosplay (2)

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts cosplay club chair lady Luna Leung works 2008-2009 directed and acted by myself News: Cosplay from Japan. Participants and cosplayers wear costumes and accessories to represent manga and anime characters. Clamp is a group of famous manga artists in Japan. It is a childhood memory of the post-80s generation. So I did a tribute to clamps. When I was a freshman with Sophomore, I founded an anime and cosplay club as the chairlady. My group, which had 30 members, performed at many events. We did events including: Drama, opera, dancing, martial arts, and singing. I created most of the choreography and scripts. Also, I found make-up artists, backstage members and fashion designers to enhance our events. Many people think cosplay is just for fun, but I believe cosplay is an art form. I chose cosplay to be the way to show my childhood because I adore the band of “clamp” artists. They affect my early life greatly. FOLLOW ME:

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