Luna’s Labyrinth Initial Recommendation of the Strongest Character-Super Fun Guide Channel

Who is the strongest character in Luna’s Labyrinth? Any recommendations? Many players are curious about the initial strongest character, and want to know what good recommendations are, so here we bring a detailed explanation of the initial strongest character, let’s take a look.

1. The initial strongest character is generally recommended for players to give priority to Fiona and Athena. These two heroes have high output strength and can be directly used as the initial number if they are drawn. Of course, if other roles can be obtained, they can also choose the configuration according to their actual needs;

2. In order to get the initial number, the player first needs to reach level 10, and then unlock the chance of 20 consecutive draws. With the help of these 20 consecutive draws, the player can draw characters. During the period, if you can get the best character, you can choose to keep it, otherwise, you can give up directly;

Luna’s Labyrinth initial strongest character recommendation

3. After giving up, the friends can go to other district servers to repeat the above operations until they get the role they want.

In general, the initial number is very important, especially for ordinary ordinary players, which can help players save a large part of the funds, in the early stage better and faster to seize the advantage.


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