Lupine 3rd: a collaboration with McDonald’s is on the way

The famous fast food chain McDonald’s announced the arrival of a collaboration with the franchise of Lupin 3rd.

The announcement comes via a short and hilarious video (Lupine-style), which carries on various food production projects inspired by successful anime series.

It is not the first time that McDonald collaborates with a historic franchise. In June of this year, in fact, in Japan, a series of burgers inspired by the series saw the light Gundam. Now it’s the turn of the famous thief born from the mind of Monkey Punch.

The advertising video sees Lupine and his companions, in their latest version (the sixth series), order some takeaway. At a certain point, however, Arsenio’s great-grandson no longer remembers what he had to take from his beloved Fujiko. At this point the samurai intervenes Goemon showing an app to facilitate ordering, the Drive-Thru. The video ends with friends walking away eating chips and making room for the famous fast food jingle.

Here is the video of the collaboration between McDonald’s and Lupine 3rd:

McDonald’s will not open Hamburger below Lupine 3rd

Collaboration between restaurants Japanese McDonalds and Lupine 3rd had already been anticipated yesterday by a poster, which showed the silhouettes of the protagonists of the Monkey Punch manga on a yellow background, but now it has become official.

Lupine 3rd is a manga created by Monkey Punch in 1967 and had a huge worldwide success.

Of great impact was his anime adaptation, on which even the great master put his hands Hayao Miyazaki (making not only part of the first season, but also the masterpiece film “Lupine 3rd: the castle of Cagliostro“).

The animated series has recently celebrated its 50 years and, precisely for this occasion, the sixth series starring the grandson of the gentleman thief. Recently announced is also a crossover between Lupine and the Cat’s Eyes gang, three other historical thieves of the anime world.

At this point, the curiosity to know what will be the next title that will shape new sandwiches of the McDonald’s chain arises throughout Japan.


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