‘Magic Monster’s Best Animation Award at the 46th Boston Si-Fi Film Festival

[디오데오 뉴스] Last year, the “Great Monster Sculptor”, which boasted an explosive box-office hit by causing a horror plastic story craze in domestic and international theater districts, was the first Korean animation film to be awarded the Best Animation Award at the 46th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.

Last year, the killer freaking out, which struck domestic and overseas box offices and garnered attention with constant invitations to overseas film festivals, was honored with the Best Animation Award at the 46th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival for the first time in the history of a Korean animation film. A horror plastic ghost story that Yeji, who learns of the dangerous miracle water’Sung-soo,’ that becomes a perfect beauty when applied, is reborn as a beauty.

‘Magic Monster’ was invited to the 44th Annecy Animation Festival feature competition section, which is called the Cannes Film Festival in the animation industry last year. The invitation to the film festival, the 19th Asian Film Festival in New York, the 53rd Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, the 39th Vancouver Film Festival, and the 13th Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival received the attention of film festivals around the world.

Amidst this, ‘Magic Monster’s Love Call continues this year at overseas film festivals, and was invited to the 46th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, the oldest independent genre film festival in the United States, and won the Best Animation Award. The year raised the status of Korean animation.

Despite the difficult times of last year, the “Magic Beast Molding Water”, which received explosive love from the audience, is a unique material called “Sung Mold Water,” which can be molded when applied like cosmetics, and quickly develops and completely transfers the webtoon to the screen, giving the audience a bizarre and original molding. It presented horror ghost stories, and succeeded in a box office success with an exceptionally exceeding 100,000 viewers for domestic creative animations, and it is competitive in the corona era by expanding the screening of all three companies including the CGV 4DX release, the Lotte Cinema Super 4D release, and the Megabox. It showed that the distribution of contents to the theater is evolving.

Furthermore,’Magic Beast Molding Water’ was completed through a production period of 6 years with the global market in mind from the planning stage, and was released simultaneously in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand in accordance with the domestic release. As it has been exported to Japan and is about to be released this year, the worldwide popularity of ‘Magic Monster Molding Water’ is expected to continue.

‘Body Monster Sculpture’, who won the 46th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival’s Best Animation Award, continues the’Sung Byeongsoo’ syndrome this year.

(Photo = Poster of’Body Monsters’)

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