“Male students are animation, female students are decorsets”…

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[인사이트] Reporter Kim So-young = “Male students are Annie, girls are Talco”

Recently, in various online communities, the best-selling list of teenage men and women is gaining popularity.

This list is provided by Yes24 on a daily basis.

What became a hot topic is the list of best-selling teen men and women as of February 22nd.

In the case of a teenage male,’Bride 1~2 Combined Set of Five Partes’ and’Let’s Spotlight on Those Fools! 3’ranked first and second in bestsellers, respectively.

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InsightStudents / gettyimagesBank

On the other hand, in the case of teenage women,’decoil machine 2’and’decoil machine 1’took the top spots.

Netizens responded with “Showing the interests of Korean teenage men and women at a glance”, “It’s the future of Korea”, and “I don’t see a real book these days.”

Opinions such as “What is this?”, “It’s a confrontation of the strongest people in the worldview”, and “I got dizzy when I saw the list” followed.

Some said, “Isn’t it close to the rankings since it was published at that time?” and “It’s ambiguous to judge just by looking at this.”

On the other hand, since the list is a’daily purchase list’, it is difficult to say that it reflects the tastes of all teenage students.

If you look at Yes24’s best-selling list by age, which is actually provided by day, other books are currently at the top.

InsightStudents / gettyimagesBank


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