Maleficent and the Witcher visited the Surgut region – Surgut news

Maleficent, The Witcher, Tracer and other characters from the fantasy world gathered in the Surgut region. There was an annual cosplay festival “Yugrakon“. More than 150 participants from Ugra and other regions of the country joined him.

Unusual images. Outfits in the spirit of fantasy, gothic, cosmology. On the catwalk – winners of the district cosplay festival “Yugrakon“. In ordinary life, these are secretaries, oilmen, teachers. Now – villains, surperheroes, fairies. The festival took place on the world wide web due to the pandemic. About 12 thousand people from the regions of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have joined it online. More than 150 participants decided to show off costumed looks.

Irina Chernopyatova from Surgut is one of them. She personifies Iris – the character of the popular virtual game. According to the girl, reincarnation in various fantastic heroes for her is a hobby that has become a real outlet in her everyday, routine life.

“Let’s say so, it’s like a way of more life, we all do our usual activities – work and so on, but we want something bright in these gray days, something unusual, you start to reincarnate, try something new, I don’t even know how to develop my personality, myself, ”says Irina.

The inhabitants of the region turned to the traditions of the Khanty and Mansi. Among the representatives of the settlements, there are many who chose for the festival images of characters from the legends of the indigenous inhabitants of the district. Lola Chernukha from the village of Russkinskaya in the guise of a crow. The aborigines of Ugra put a sacred meaning into this bird: in particular, it symbolizes the coming of spring.

“Heprobably coming to our national village, we have a crow’s holiday, and so we decided to make such a costume. Everything is fine, I like it, I am in my field, ”says the girl.

The general craving for reincarnation at the festival was reflected in local officials as well. The deputy head of the district, Tatyana Osmankina, shared what image is now close to her.

“V In this connection, to be honest, I really want to be, probably, you know, here, it is true, old woman Izergil – to sit down and reflect on the essence of life, ”she admitted.

The winners of the festival were identified in 4 nominations. The award for the 1st place in the comic book competition went to Tyumen, the work from Nizhnesortymsky was recognized as the best among fanfiction, the prize for the most original cosplay image “Crow”Received by a resident of Russkinskaya. The rest of the winners of the costume and photo-cosplay contests were kept incognito. In the awards lists, they went under their nicknames Neko_48 and Grace.


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