Mars Station v2 Horror in Zorcons original science fiction

A representative of the Martian government visited the station with the offer of three officers whom Matt Stone gratefully accepted as they are seriously shorthanded. Later, Stone and two others visited with representatives named Zeely who gave them a presentation regarding the Martian-Zorkon war that was a disaster for both sides, but left the surface of Mars destroyed. In urging Zeely and using help from the Martians, rescue operations are initiated for any aliens stranded on Mars. A group is a number of alien cadets who agree to help the station by flying spaceships. The crew also learned that an all-female science team created genetically engineered designed for a planet called Braxxus, and the team was funded by the Zorcons. In what was New Mexico, civilian tourism sustained thirst, hunger and vampires. The vampires were also funded by the Zorcons, who paid for their travels on Earth. Jake makes a startling discovery when he makes contact with some people who appear like American Indians, but who have a surprising secret. This video is science fiction, and all the characters and events are fictional. It is made exclusively for entertainment in a style similar to cosplay.

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