Masayoshi Oishi / Masayoshi Oishi, in charge of drafting and producing animation “For details, sleep and wait” –

Anison singerMasayoshi OishiMasayoshi Oishi) Has revealed on Twitter that he is producing the animation based on the original draft and production.

One visual was posted with a short message, “[I’ll do something new]I’m making an animation that was originally drafted and produced. Please sleep and wait for details.”

At night, from a ruined factory-like place, one person stands as if looking at a distant, futuristic skyscraper.

A dragon and a tiger are emerging in front of the building, and in front of it there are buildings with an Asian taste that makes you feel Japanese, but I will wait for the follow-up report including the world view.

Masayoshi Oishi? Masayoshi Oishi?

Or rather, for convenience, it is called “Oishi Masayoshi”, but in the case of the original draft and production of the animation, is it the kanji “Masayoshi Oishi” or the katakana “Oishi Masayoshi”?

As anison singer Masayoshi Oishi, he is in charge of the theme songs for anime such as “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun” and “Tada-kun does not fall in love”. Many of you should know the theme song “UNION” of the TV anime “SSSS.GRIDMAN” by OxT, a digital rock unit with your ally Tom-H @ ck.

The April broadcast anime “Dragon, buy a house. ]And “SSSS.DYNAZENON” will also be in charge of the OP theme song.

In the kanji, Masayoshi Oishi, the vocal / guitar of the rock band Sound Schedule, the solo artist who plays with one acoustic guitar with his outstanding technique, and the theme song of “Kemono Friends” “Welcome to Japari Park” etc. There is no end to the place where you can play an active part in both the provision of music and the guitar and kanji.

Masayoshi Oishi, who is often in charge of the MC of anime-related programs, is exactly the blue sky to handle the drafting and production of anime.

How far do we want to cross the border as creators while giving us indescribable expectations, excitement and joy?

“Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Details sleep and wait” “Sleep and wait for details” “Sleep and wait for details” “Sleep and wait for details” ──.

OK! I’m going to sleep already! You are? !!

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