[Maxi Single]TV Anime BanG Dream! STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshino Kodo ~[First Press Limited Edition with Blu-ray]/ Poppin’Party

2nd single released following “Yes! BanG_Dream!”!

Poppin’Party’s 2nd single is a song “STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshino Kodo ~” which is very popular with fans!
The coupling song includes “Summer Sky SUN! SUN! SEVEN!”, Which is perfect for summer.

Both produced by Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden).
Following “Yes! BanG_Dream!”, This work also includes talks of each character as voice content!

01. STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshino Kodo ~
02. 夏空 SUN! SUN! SEVEN!
03. STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshino Kodo ~ -instrumental-
04. 夏空 SUN! SUN! SEVEN! -instrumental-
05. How to spend summer vacation-Kasumi Toyama-
06. How to spend the summer vacation-Hanazono Tae-
07. How to spend summer vacation-Rimi Ushigome-
08. How to spend the summer vacation-Saaya Yamabuki-
09. How to spend summer vacation-Arisaki Ichigaya-

◆ Animation music video recording of the title song “STAR BEAT!

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