Mecha-mechanical banknotes are cool Cyberpunk x Japanese style = strongest!

Whether it’s “Blade Runner” or “Cyberpunk 2077”, the compatibility between Japan and cyberpunk is guaranteed.

In other words, if Japanese-style banknotes shine in cyberspace…coolThat means!

It’s so bright!A video posted on Twitter with the words “. In the video, you can see the letters on the banknote printed on the acrylic plate glowing red, along with the sound of electricity.

The video has been viewed more than 4.85 million times since it was tweeted on July 23rd. It has gained more than 210,000 likes and has become a hot topic.

Cyber ​​bills made with 3D printers and laser cutters

The banknote was created by a cosplay sculptor.DaiMr. Miss. This bill is “Touhou Project” seriesReimu HakureiIt is produced with the image of the banknote used by

This bill is Dai’s friend, Gomi (Gensokyo System), a project that creates cosplay items using illumination, and projects such as projection mapping in conjunction with such items.@GomiHgy) in cooperation with Mr.

It seems that they made the banknote together in the form of Gomi’s electric decoration cosplay design.

The bill is made of acrylic board. It is cut and engraved with a laser cutter for home use, and the engraved part glows when light is applied.

Also, the frame with a rugged and cyber atmosphere is output with a 3D printer. Both 3D printers and laser cutters are used for home use.

Regarding the commitment of this work, Dai said, “I was very worried about how much weight and thickness I could tolerate for bills, which are “thin”.I think I’ve found a good balance in the end.” commented.

Make cosplay more fun with the latest technology “Gensokyo system”

In addition to the current “Ofuda”, Dai has also created the “Mini Bagua Furnace” used by Marisa Kirisame of the “Touhou Project” in the past.

The mini bagua furnace is linked with projection mapping as part of the Gensokyo system. When you press the button to light up the bagua furnace, you can unleash Marisa Kirisame’s signature technique “Master Spark”.

The “Gensokyo System” can be experienced at events where Mr. Gomi participates.

The specifications of the mini bagua furnace are different from those used in the “Gensokyo System”, but you can find them at Dai’s Booth shop “Herreria” (External link) are distributed.

The Touhou Project that has progressed with the Internet

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