Members of PPE, to which popular cosplayers such as Moe Iori and Enako belong, jack the gravure of the magazine “Superior”! | Gadget Tsushin GetNews

From Twitter @moe_five @saki_miyamoto

Moe Iori, Enako, Kokoro Shinozaki, Tsunko, and Saki Miyamoto, who are active as cosplayers, will appear on the cover and gravure of the magazine “Big Comic Superior” released on June 11th. did.

The five belong to the group “PP Enterprise” to which popular cosplayers and Instagrammers belong. In the same magazine, “Superior Heroine Collaboration Gravure” is jacking the magazine.

Moe Iori, Enako, Kokoro Shinozaki, Tsunko, Saki Miyamoto and others updated Twitter on the 11th, saying, “In” Superior “released today, PPE members decorated the cover! , “It appears on the cover and front page of” Superior “released today! This time it is a collaboration gravure of PPE x Superior heroine!”, “It will be posted on Superior on 6/11 (Friday) today. “,” Appeared in “PPE x Superior Heroine Collaboration Gravure” on the cover and top page of “Superior” !! ” We showed off shots of gravure.

From the fans who saw these posts, “There is such an angel-like child in this world” “It’s cute” “It’s too great !!!” “I’m planning to go buy 5 books after this. A praise comment was sent.

“Big Comic Superior” featuring Moe Iori, Enako, Kokoro Shinozaki, Tsunko, and Saki Miyamoto will be released on June 11th.

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