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Metal Slug is back and this time it’s not “just” a mobile game. SNK has the tactical RPG Metal Slug Tactics announced at Summer Game Fest 2021. And the best possible experts for resuscitation have been brought in. The game is created by Dotemu.

Dotemu has already shown with Windjammers 2 and especially Streets of Rage 4 how to bring old franchises back onto the big stage and at the same time stay true to the roots. So now Metal Slug Tactics.

The first trailer is a mixture of anime sequences and gameplay, so it is quite revealing. But there is no date yet and the platform is also available so far only PC-Steam fixed.

Donald Morden is back! After hiding for a long time in a country that opposed the World Government, he staged a coup and is now finally ready to take revenge on the world with the army he has built up over the years. The Peregrine Falcons must do everything possible to break through enemy lines and take down murders before we get further drawn into the war!

The Run’n’Gun elements give way to roguelike elements and a dynamic tactical RPG combat system. The pixel art graphics are based on the originals. An adrenaline bar charges up, which is available for super attacks. Gain experience and weapons, unlock advantages, improve your team.

Missions take place in levels made of “differently combined, handcrafted environmental panels”, which “makes the battlefields unpredictable”. This is to put your tactical skills to the test.

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