Michael Jackson was rejected from a Disney animated classic

The period between 1980 and 1990 is considered by many Disney fans to be a sort of ‘Renaissance age’ for the studio, as this is the time when its creative team successfully crafted some of its most iconic films. decades, including the real gems of animation such as “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Lion King”.

This year, Walt Disney Pictures will celebrate the 25th anniversary of what is considered the most mature and darkest film in its catalog: “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, based on the namesake novel by classic French writer Victor Hugo. , distinguished by its damning soundtrack and intense treatment of topics such as social inequality and extreme religious conservatism.

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“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” presents the story of Quasimodo, a misshapen young man who lived all his life locked in the bell tower of Notre-Dame Cathedral under the education of Claude Frollo, the cruel and ruthless judge of the ‘Inquisition, that he leads a personal campaign to eliminate the gypsies from the city and tries to keep the protagonist away from the “evils and vices of the city”.

The film featured a soundtrack composed by Alan Menken, one of Disney’s most treasured collaborators in modern times. This would be during the musician’s recent interview with SlashFilm where he revealed that while designing the tape there was one artist in particular who was very interested in collaborating with the project: Michael Jackson.

Menken met Jackson, who was a huge fan of Disney productions, while he was working on “A Whole New World” for the movie “Aladdin”, and since then the “King of Pop” has expressed his wish to co -write the movie. song with him. “It might give me an idea of ​​who Michael was. He was a very unique and interesting person in his own world, ”noted Menken.

Michael Jackson’s assistant had contacted Menken during the allegation scandal against the artist over his allegations of child abuse, in addition to the end of his relationship with Marie Presley. The King of Pop wanted to transform his career and the way his name was linked to the press.

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Jackson offered to collaborate on the production and perhaps interpretation (if there was a chance) of one of the film’s three themes: “Out There”, “God Help The Outcast” and “Someday” ( presented in the end credits and the one in Latin America was performed by Luis Miguel under the title “Sueña”). Menken notes that Disney rejected the offer.

“Looking back, it was the right decision. But, Quasimodo is a character who… if you look at the relationship with his family and his father, I can think there is a lot of identification there, ”concludes Alan Menken in the interview. To this day, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” continues to be one of Walt Disney Pictures’ favorite productions with adult audiences.

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