Microsoft breaks a record that nobody expected – GIGA headlines

Microsoft is breaking a record with the new generation of consoles that we didn’t expect. Also: Fall Guys’ plans for the future and will the MacBook Pro make a comeback? All that and more in this episode of the GIGA headlines.

Microsoft: Xbox Series has a record start

We have talked a lot over the past few months about how difficult it is to get the new consoles. What is bad for us gamers is a good sign for the industry, because: The newcomers are selling well.
The consoles are being ripped off the digital store shelves so well that Microsoft is able to report an unexpected record.
In an investor call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company was able to sell more consoles with the Xbox Series than at any other console launch in the same time frame. This is surprising in that the general situation is currently causing limited production capacities.

Xbox Series S (512 GB)

Xbox Series S (512 GB)

Another reason to celebrate: Microsoft’s game subscription service “Game Pass” has also grown significantly in recent months and now has 18 million subscribers.

You can find many titles there, but you are currently looking in vain for a hype game from last year for the Xbox.

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Fall Guys: Coming Soon for Xbox and PS5?

Fall Guys has so far only been reserved for PS4 and PC gamers. That should change: Dave Bailey, co-founder and CEO of developer MediaTonic announced in an interview with Gamesindustry that they are working on bringing Fall Guys to “every major platform”. That means, in addition to the switch, the Xbox One and the next-gen consoles could also be connected.

When this will be implemented, there was no information yet. So it is quite possible that we will have to wait a long time for it.

Netflix: Tomb-Raider-Anime geplant

Maybe we can wait for a new Tomb Raider for a while. But not as a game, the Origin trilogy is already over. Instead, Netflix has announced that an anime series with Lara Croft as the protagonist is in the making. However, there is nothing more to see than the tweet.

MacBook Pro 2021: Comeback alter Features?

An SD card reader has not been seen on MacBooks for a long time. Photographers and video filmmakers in particular have criticized for years that they can no longer use SD cards without an additional reader.
Industry insider Mark Gurman claims to have found out that the card reader is about to make a comeback. It was previously rumored that the new MacBook Pro would have no Touch Bar, that MagSafe would return and that more connections such as HDMI would find a place in the device again.
All of this – in combination with the chip, which is then called M2 – could result in a laptop that the competition has to dress warmly for.

What would you spend on the next generation of consoles?

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