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Microsoft seems to have one in the Metaverse. At the Ignite conference on November 2nd, the company unveiled a 3D avatar for participants who don’t want to show up at Microsoft Teams. This personalized animated avatar is part of what Microsoft calls “Mesh for Teams.” Mesh for TeamsMesh platformWindows Live MeshIt’s a mechanism to combine experiences shared in external virtual reality and augmented reality with Teams and its productivity tools using (don’t get me wrong). It’s the same meeting that should have been done in one email, but not the same.

To access Mesh for Teams, you can use anything from smartphones to VR headsets and HoloLens. “It’s designed to make online meetings more personal, engaging, and fun,” says Microsoft’s John Roach, without hiding the fact that this is a metaverse for productivity. Roach) said in a statement today, “It’s also the gateway to the Metaverse, and the permanent digital world is home to digital twins of people, places, and things. Think of it as a new version of, or a new vision, where people can use their personal virtual presence to meet, discuss, collaborate, and share from any device. ”

In that vision, people are still attending meetings, but it’s more fun than before, probably because it’s the Metaverse.

Image Credit: Microsoft

“For a company that has focused on productivity and knowledge workers, that’s what our customers really want from us, and it’s in line with our 12-year vision of mixed reality. It’s all in one. “It’s going on,” said Alex Kipman, a constantly enthusiastic technical fellow at Microsoft.

For most users, for now, Mesh is nothing more than a 3D personalized avatar imitating his own chatter, and it doesn’t move. According to Microsoft, companies can also create their own space within Teams (the term we’re using now, the Metaverse), where people can virtually interact and collaborate.

“There’s a feeling that it exists, even if it’s just expressing the person’s voice with the movement of the avatar’s face. This is the first release,” said Microsoft’s Chief Project for Mesh for Teams. Manager Katie Kelly says. “Our ambition is to evolve this with Microsoft’s plethora of AI technologies. For example, we can use a camera to guess the position of the mouth and mimic the movement of the head and face. “

Accenture is testing this with Micrsoft. The company has created a virtual campus where employees “gather for coffee, presentations, parties and other events.” It is also used for training new employees. Accenture seems to hire 100,000 people every year. With 600,000 employees, I’m not sure if Metaverse can improve its turnover, but it’s a high-paying consultant company, so you probably know best.

Image Credit: Microsoft


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