Mikasa will give you a shiver of cold thanks to this cosplay

With the ending of the manga approaching and the current broadcast of the fourth season of the anime, The attack of the Giants is on everyone’s lips. Let’s see together the winter cosplay made by a fan.

Hajime Isayama’s work continues to surprise many fans, the latest events narrated in the animated series have in fact shocked several spectators and led The Attack of the Giants 4 to be considered the best anime ever according to Western audiences.

The new part of the story has notable differences from previous seasons. While in the latter the protagonists were mostly committed to surviving and exploring the territory beyond the walls of their kingdom, the new anime shows the Reconnaissance Army involved in a war against the nation of Marley located beyond the sea.

Following some episodes that served to present the warriors of the enemy nation, Eren and all his companions returned to the scene, including Mikasa. The girl who has a great attachment to the protagonist is also the subject of this cosplay made by Uzileks.

In the image shown at the end of this news, the young woman appears with the typical uniform of the army of the island of Paradis and wearing the scarf given to her by Eren. What is very striking is also the environment in which the shot was made, in fact she is in a snowy place. There is also a video in which Mikasa also sports the green cloak of the Reconnaissance Army.

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Finally, I report a double interpretation of a fan in the role of Mikasa and Annie from The Attack of the Giants.

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