Mini-animation “Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix” 1 episode preceding scene cut released | Mynavi News

The main visual and synopsis of the mini-animation “Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix”, which will start broadcasting on February 5, and the preceding scene cut of one episode have been released.

-Mini animation “Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix”

Expectations, revolutions, unknowns, challenges, preparedness, adventures. What is the legendary festival that the six DJ units are aiming for with each feeling in mind …!? Always happy! “Happy Around!”. Stoic champion! “Peaky P-key”. The light that colors the starry sky! “Photon Maiden”. Life is for fun! “Merm4id”. The story of them is spinning tonight! “Rinbukyoku”. No need to explain loveliness! “Lyrical Lily”. A girls DJ comedy where you can meet their unseen side (?) Is about to begin!

● Episode 1 Synopsis

“We will never forget that day.” Hapiara gathering to practice as usual. Rinku, who came late there, had an invitation to the “Phantom Festival” held once every 100 years …

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