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Video games, cinema and comics have long been a great source of inspiration for the world of cosplay. Above all, in the last few Spider-Man, thanks to his cross-media presence, he has become one of the favorite characters of fans of the geek world. Along with the original Peter Parker, many other characters have also returned, such as his better half: Mary Jane Watson, represented in a perfect replica in MissBri cosplay.

MissBri is also not based on any version of Mary Jane Watson, but on the version that appeared in the cover of issue 601 of The Amazing Spider-Man. In fact, you can yourself make a quick comparison between her cosplay and the original artwork by switching to the second image. As you can see, what MissBri has created is extremely faithful and detailed.

You can also go to the third photo and see an old MissBri cosplay based on the same version of Mary Jane Watson. As she admits, the old version of cosplay is clearly inferior: the steps forward are not only related to the pose or the quality of the photograph, but also to the makeup. In the most recent cosplay, MissBri added more details, like MJ’s typical freckles.

If you liked what MissBri did, you can see her version of Jabba’s slave Leia. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay in the Spider-Man theme, then you can admire a Spider-Gwen perfect in the shirogane_sama double cosplay. How not to mention the perfect Gwen Stacy in hendoart cosplay.

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