Mitsubishi Pencil “Hard Colored Pencil”, which is popular in the animation industry, is no longer in production. Only red color continues –

Stationery makerMitsubishi pencilHowever, due to the difficulty in procuring raw materials,Hard colored pencil 7700Announced that production of orange, yellow-green, and light blue will end at the end of June.

This product has long been a favorite of the anime industry, especially animators.

Mitsubishi Pencil does not publicly announce the end of production of regular products, but this time it was pressed as a special case because “in consideration of the patronage of people in specific industries for a long time”. The release has been issued.

If it is a normal sales volume, the quantity is prepared by the end of June, but the sale will end as soon as the stock runs out. The red color will continue to be produced and sold.

The animation industry also announced to avoid confusion at the production site

The “Hard Colored Pencil 7700”, whose production of orange, yellow-green, and light blue has ended, has long been used in anime production sites.

Compared to soft colored pencils, hard colored pencils are easier to draw fine and clear lines, and core powder is less likely to come out. In animation production, it has been used to instruct corrections and specify colors and shadows for coloring staff in scenes such as original drawings and movies.

Although the end of production other than red was announced in 2015, there are many production sites where use is regulated, so the Japanese Animation Creators Association (JAniCA), to which individual animators belong, has discussed with Mitsubishi Pencil. The three colors that were discontinued this time were being reproduced.

Even at the end of this production, Mitsubishi Pencil explained the situation in advance to the Association of Japanese Animations, to which JAniCA and animation studios belong.

In addition, in order to prevent confusion at the production site, both organizations will serve as the contact point, and we will respond to all corporations and individuals in the animation industry to place the final order by the deadline of 24:00 on February 10 (Wednesday). It has been announced that there is.

Industry group “Important tool indispensable for animation production”

In a statement jointly released by The Association of Japanese Animations and the Japanese Animation Creators Association, he thanked Mitsubishi Pencil for his support, stating that “‘7700’ is an important tool indispensable for animation production.” ..

On top of that, while digitalization is progressing, it is very unfortunate that the appearance of “7700” will disappear in the field where analog production continues, but new tools will support future animation production. There is no doubt about that. “

As announced by both groups, in the present age when hand-painted, digital, and tools are available and flat selection is possible, various animations are being made by taking advantage of the characteristics of both.

For example, it was said at a roundtable discussion hosted by the anime planning and producing company Twin Engine that the music video for the song “Obenkyou Shitoyo” by the artist “Zutomayo Shitoyo” was produced fully remotely. (Related article).

In addition, Komugiko 2000, an individual creator who creates animation on the iPad, touched on the simplification of reusing the background material and pointed out that the hurdle for individual production has been lowered by emphasizing efficiency. It was.

On the other hand, there are also works that pursued the expression unique to analog, such as the anime movie “Music”, which was completed by the director almost by himself over seven years.



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