Mk_ays and her faithful cosplay of Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Shingeki no kyojin, better known as Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime and manga series of recent years, so it is no surprise that they are a great source of inspiration for the cosplay community, as demonstrated in this case this excellent interpretation of Hange Zoe of the beautiful cosplayer Mk_ays.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that his characterization is particularly faithful to the original as shown by the direct comparison in the image of his publication on his official Instagram account where he dedicates a cosplay to the beloved anime of Shingeki no kyojin.

On this occasion we can appreciate the appearance of Hange Zoe, a character that has remained in the hearts of many fans, given his great skills in combat and also in the development of weapons and tactics to carry out the war against the giants.

After being captain of the fourth team, she is named the 14th Commander of the Inspection Corps, demonstrating her fighting prowess and leadership skills.

In addition to being a soldier, Hange Zoe is also a tireless researcher, always with the intention of advancing knowledge about the giants and finding new ways to fight them, as well as discovering their secrets.

The look always very serious and dedicated to the mission, however, hides a multifaceted character, capable of having particularly human feelings even towards the giants themselves.

The cosplay of mk_ays is very similar to the original character in terms of glasses, hairstyle, clothing and even part of the facial features, managing to reproduce the character perfectly.


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