mk_ays’ Annie cosplay is magnetic –

The attack of the Giants is increasingly used as a subject by various cosplayers, given the presence of a large amount of charismatic characters, often focusing on the main protagonists but sometimes also going to shoot less prominent but still very interesting figures, like this one Annie Leonhart in cosplay of mk_ays.

The particular thing about this cosplay is that the really charming features of the cosplayer in question make it almost “too beautiful” compared to the original character and in fact the model taken as an example to present the costume is an artwork that presents a rather fascinating version of the fighter.

Annie is a character complex, coming from the 104th team of the Training Corps and ex-member of the Military Police brigade, characterized by a great combat ability and a hidden ability that also makes it particularly disturbing, as anyone who has followed the manga or anime de The attack of the Giants.

The version proposed by mk_ays, as often happens to the creations of the cosplayer in question, is definitely tending towards romantic and fascinating, taking up some elements of the original but reworking it in a very personal and fascinating way.

Recently, among the cosplay, we saw that of c18 of irlynacosplay from Dragon Ball Z and the cosplay of D.Va signed by Miss Bri, just to resume the last two proposed in this section.

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