Moe Iori appeared in the movie “Tokyo Revengers” with Mikey’s cosplay –

Cosplayer’sMoe IoriWill release the movie “Tokyo Revengers』Appeared in.

hero·TakemichiIt was revealed on the official Twitter of the movie that he will appear as a cast of the cabaret shop that he visits in the play, and a scene photo was also released.

The trigger was Mikey’s cosplay in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”

The reason for the appearance was the original “Tokyo RevengersIs a popular character in the works that was shown in a special project of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” serialized inMikeyCosplay. This is also revealed on the official Twitter of the movie.

Also”Tokyo Revengers』Original authorKen WakuiIs also involved in providing illustrations for Moe Iori’s first photobook.

Moe Iori, a cosplayer who has been active on the front lines

Moe Iori is a top cosplayer who is active in many fields, such as appearing in gravure in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” “Weekly Playboy,” and “Weekly Young Jump,” and appearing in CM, TV, and radio programs.

Cosplayers this AprilEnakoManagement company to which Mr.PP EnterpriseAnnounced to belong to. It became a big topic because cosplayers who were both active on the front lines joined together.

Live-action work of Ken Wakui’s “Tokyo Revengers”

The movie “Tokyo Revengers” is a live-action work based on the original manga “Tokyo Revengers” by Ken Wakui, who was also animated.

Takumi KitamuraMr.Yuki YamadaMr.Yosuke SuginoMr.Imada MioMr.Shotaro MamiyaMr.Ryo YoshizawaMany popular actors such as Mr.

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