Moe Iori, the best and most “collective” 2nd photo book “Secret Story” –

Cosplayers·Moe Iori‘S second photo book “Secret storyWill be released on Saturday, October 1st.

At the spectacular location of Tottori and Miyakojima, “secretIt is a work that can be said to be the culmination of the appearance of “elementary” that does not depend on Iori’s cosplay under the theme of “.

[Image]Cosplay photos taken by Moe Iori (50 photos in total)

Moe Iori, a leader in the cosplay world

Moe Iori Photobook “Secret Story” / Images from Amazon

Moe Iori is a cosplayer who continues to expand her field of activity by appearing in gravure in numerous youth magazines such as “Weekly Young Jump”, appearing in commercials and television, and serving as a personality for crown radio.

In April, the management company to which cosplayer Enako belongsPP EnterpriseAnnounced his affiliation with, and attracted a great deal of attention.

Moe Iori Photobook “Secret Story” / Images from Amazon

This photo book “Secret Story” focuses more on Iori’s facial expressions and gravure than Iori as a cosplayer.

Comment from Moe Iori

Originally I like idols and gravure, and I made a photo book of only gravure by myself between cosplay activities, so I am doing a lot of gravure now apart from cosplay.

And with the support of various people, the second major photobook has been released this time, thank you very much!

For me, the major photobook is not only my “like”, but I also have a desire to make more gravure-gravure works, and I think that this time I took a really nice photo and made it, so please take a look at the contents. I want you …!

[Image]Cosplay photos taken by Moe Iori (50 photos in total)




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