Mom filmed her daughter’s laugh, but something went wrong. The ending of the video – cosplay on “It”, which makes it uncomfortable

The parent filmed her daughter’s laugh, but the cosplay on “It” interrupted the fun moment. The woman did not know that at the end of the video she would receive a monologue, from which both she and the audience would feel uneasy. And instead of an exorcist, the followers advised the family to flee.

Tiktok user with nickname autist_artist_ (real name Jess) shared a video on March 20 of her daughter laughing in the bathroom. It seemed to the blogger that “the cutest thing” would get on camera, but the situation changed at the end of the video. It was then that the woman heard the door slam, and the baby was talking to someone.

Nobody leaves the room.

The video gained more than two million views, and Jess filmed a sequel, where she said: the child repeatedly mentioned an imaginary friend, but refused to give out the details of the meetings.

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In the replies under the posts, the audience felt uneasy: many decided that the family should leave the house.

Some followers assured: a child can see guests from the other world, which in most cases is not available to adults.

But it turned out that daughter Jess is not the only one who spends time with fictional friends.

There was no place for mysticism in the story of another tiktoker, and CCTV cameras played a major role. The girl noticed how a neighbor approached her fence every day and, possibly, was developing an insidious plan.

And a student without instructions found her double at the university. After comparing her and the photo of the “clone”, the followers demanded a frank confession from their parents and a DNA test.


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