Moments of Anime – Episode 1

This is a self-made play project with hand-drawn elements from Photoshop. The idea I had of having a jerky, poorly armed animation (i.e. by five sophisticated mouths) takes a poke at the tropes of the animated genre. My kids love to animate so I’ve not been close to seeing quite a bit. I always got a laugh out of the high drama scene where the extreme expression exchanges seemed to eat up a majority of screen time. So that was the motivation behind this. The characters are something that I just came up with in anime style. Called Chesterfield McMullet and Mucho Diablo. Maybe we’ll see them again in a future episode. The old time scratch film effect was thanks to an incredibly fabulous online tutorial by Ignace Aleya (Tolerate) that worked very well for the olde effect I wanted to achieve. I have a blast pushing myself to do more with all the Adobe CC products in my arsenal. After Effects Clearly, recently added Audition to record VO stuff (yes, I’m the faint laugh jackass and do these animated creepy calls), Photoshop creates elements incorporated into the video, and premieres to adjust the final cut. Muahahaha!

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