Money and cosplay kept Mass Effect Andromeda from having any more alien species

It has been almost four years since Mass Effect Andromeda went on sale in the midst of a hurricane of controversies, controversies and reactions of all kinds and for all tastes. For a time it seemed that one of BioWare’s most beloved sagas was dead, but the imminent Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and the newly announced new game in the series point in a completely opposite direction. There were problems in the development of Andromeda, everyone knows that. A sample of this is what we have known today. And is that money and cosplay kept Mass Effect Andromeda from having any more alien species, one of the aspects that most disappointed the fans.

This was announced by Cian Maher, from The Gamer, who has investigated the matter in recent times. According to Maher, BioWare planned for Mass Effect Andromeda to introduce five or six new alien races. The number in the final version was basically reduced to two: the angara and the kett. What were the impediments? The first and foremost the lack of budget, which forced the Canadian company to cut back on some of its ideas and focus only on what’s most important to the story. The second component was the world of cosplay. And it is that BioWare believed that some of the ideas they had for the new species were not going to be easily transferred to cosplay, a fundamental world within a saga as popular as Mass Effect.

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It doesn’t seem like a very well-founded reason, since in the original Mass Effect trilogy there were also alien races difficult (or impossible) to move to the world of cosplay, such as the elcor, the hanar or the rachni. However, this revelation only emphasizes the well-known problems that existed in the development of Mass Effect Andromeda, which despite the initial criticism it turned out to be a good game.

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