Monster Hunter – Legends of the Guild: Trailer zum Netflix-Anime

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Monster Hunter – Legends of the Guild: Trailer zum Netflix-Anime

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild (c) Netflix

With Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, Netflix is ​​presenting a CGI anime film from the world of the popular video game series in August. In the trailer we get to know the young hero who has to defend his village against a dragon.

We have a trailer for the Netflix film “Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild“, Which will be shown internationally on August 12th on the streaming service. The first preview is in Japanese with English subtitles, even if the film was obviously produced for English dialog at the American Pure Imagination Studios. Directed by Steven F. Yamamoto with a script by Joshua Fine (“Ultimate Spider-Man“).

In „Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild“It’s about the young hero Aiden (with the voice of Dante Basco or Yuma Uchida) who wants to save his village from being destroyed by a dangerous dragon. His character is based on a figure from “Monster Hunter 4“From 2018.

In addition to the action-packed CapcomA video game in which you have to defeat different creatures in order to use their body parts has been a “Monster Hunter“Action film by Paul WS Anderson, who already has the”Resident Evil“Franchise hit the big screen. Milla Jovovich also stars in it.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild“-Film trailer:

Monster Hunter (Blu-ray)

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