Motsukora 2013-HD –Baracaldo (Vizcaya)

MoTsuKora is a Biscayan youth association dedicated to spreading manga, anime, video games and Japanese culture (especially youth and modern culture) in the Basque Country. The association began its promotional activities in 1999 with the help of Jida Arrieta, a well-known local artist. Now it is formed by a large group of fans of the movement, or we could even say “way of life” which is the Japanese manga or comic and everything that surrounds it, dedicated to the promotion of their favorite entertainment , organize these activities, meetings and meeting places. It started as a rather small event, held at the Artebi venue in Bilbao. Now, with 15 years of experience accumulated behind them, and in a place with better infrastructure such as the House of Culture – Kultur Etxea “Clara Campoamor” in Barakaldo, they intend to become a meeting point and a reference in the cultural life in Basque youth. MoTsuKora aspires, as every year, to make known in the Basque Country a different way of communication, artistic expression and entertainment: the Japanese manga. So both fans of this artistic and cultural trend, as well as those who are curious to know new things, as well as those who are totally unrelated to the “manga phenomenon”, are welcome. The Cosplay Contest From 2 to 6 April, at the Casa de Cultura – Cultural Center “Clara Campoamor” in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), will offer a wide variety of activities, totally free: screenings of series with animated films and live images, lectures, exhibitions and tons of contests that you can enter to win great prizes. One of these competitions is cosplay. Participants must be disguised with a costume that the participant has not previously presented in previous editions of the conference. It is the so-called “cos” part. A performance or representation of the character must be made in no more than 3 minutes in the individual case and no more than 5 minutes in the group case. These times could be shortened if there is more participation than expected, in which case it should be notified as far in advance as possible. This is the so-called “play” part. The competition will be evaluated by a jury of 5 people, 2 belonging to the association and 3 outside it. Both parts of the cosplay (the “cos” and the “play”) will be evaluated, obtaining an overall score of both. Criteria for costume evaluation will be, in general, its quality and its fidelity to the design of the character. The evaluation criteria for the performance will, in general, be the cosplayer’s interpretation of the way they are in the character.

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