Mountain dwellers took over cities in England by staging gozlageddon. And this is not an uprising of the horned ones, but a fail of animal defenders

Several localities in England are suffering from a goat invasion, the fault of which is the mistake of animal rights activists and the government. The population of mountain goats was no longer controlled, and their number increased so much that they cosplayed films in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The English cities of Llandudno and Conwy have faced an unprecedented invasion of mountain goats. As writes BBC, wild neighbors from the mountains have looked into settlements before, but in such quantities – for the first time.

Mountain dwellers took over a town in England, frightening the inhabitants with horns.  But this is not an attack, but a fail of animal defenders
Goats in Llandudno

Louise Emery, Great Orme County’s state representative on the Conwy council, explained that the scale of the goat attack went far beyond the limits of which one can tolerate.

Yes, they have wandered around in search of food before. But now they have broken through much further into the territory. They sit on roads, jump on rooftops and pose a danger to people. Especially at night, because they move very quietly and it is almost impossible to hear their approach. Drivers can turn a corner and run into a dozen goats.

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All this is the result of a failed contraception program, which is carried out by animal rights activists and rangers of local reserves every year. Due to special injections, animals temporarily stop reproducing, as a result of which their behavior is strikingly different from that observed in Llandudno and Conwy.

Mountain dwellers took over a town in England, frightening the inhabitants with horns.  But this is not an attack, but a fail of animal defenders
Goats move silently through the city streets

But in the 2020-2021 season, activists decided to postpone the procedures due to the tightening of quarantine measures in England. Many volunteers simply could not get into the cities to inject goats.

Most of the individuals traveling to cities are males. We very much hope that when the rutting period begins, they will return to the mountains to their females. Although it is obvious that they really like to feel like masters when there are few people on the street, – said Sally Pidcock.

The British are no longer surprised by the goats walking down the street. Indeed, in the same Llandudno they constantly drop by the light. The owner of the two-story cottage thought that someone lived in his attic, and he was right. Mountain dwellers galloped fervently on the roof of the house, obviously surprised by the sudden appearance of a man.

However, goats do more than just have fun by taking over human cities. A goat from India, on the contrary, helped people with her unusual skill, luring tourists to a small village. Still: where else can you see a goat that imposingly moves only on two legs?


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