MV Event – Nora x Ren at RWBY

Our little adventure comes from Beacon Academy. We were invited again to share another photoshoot experience with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation on their 26th anniversary. I took this opportunity to take some videos as my boyfriend and I teamed up as sluggish couple Nora Valkyrie and lay Ren from Monty Oum’s RWBY family, along with other friends. Hope you like it ~ !! : 3 == JNPR team at RWBY © Monty Oum & Roosterteeth kasaikun16 as Nora Valkyrie deviangray as Lie Ren Music: “This Will Be the Day” by Casey Lee Williams & Jeff Williams More photos here – http: //kasaikun16.deviantart. com / gallery / 45355570 ** COMMENTS Yummy SO PLS LEAVE SOME **

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