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Finally, after two years of waiting, this year the tenth edition of Etna Comicswhich took place from 1 to 5 June and to which, for the first time, I had the pleasure of participating.
For those of you who still do not know me, I make a brief introduction: My name is Samantha, in “art” YuukiSam, I am 22 years old and I am a cosplayer from Emilia-Romagna. Today I will take you with me to discover Etna Comicsa fair, or rather, an international festival of comics, games and pop culture, held in June in Catania, Sicily.

Areas and guests

There are several areas where different activities are carried out. The areas of this edition were:

  • Comics
  • Videogames
  • Otherworlds
  • Movie
  • Stage
  • Fantasy literature
  • Games
  • Family
  • Asian Wave
  • Newtube Alley
  • Taboocom
  • Exhibitions

Personally, I found the subdivision of the areas very comfortable and beautiful. Based on your interests and the guests you wanted to meet, you already knew where to go. Do not forget the food area, full of stands that prepared delicious food, both typical and otherwise. One of the dishes that I have had the pleasure of trying and I have preferred is the rice with curry and vegetables.

In the Taboocom area we could find guests like Danika Mori (porn actress) e Toshio Maeda (mangaka), an area that, as the name already suggests, still dealt with “taboo” and “+18” topics.

In the Videogames area, on the other hand, we find guests like Mona Beautiful (streamer e cosplayer) e Paolo Cannone (streamer).

In Newtube Alley, as the name suggests, we find youtubers, such as Dario Moccia, Marco Merrino (also known as Croix89), MochoHFand of 4 gentlemencomposed of Giorgio, Prince of Xmurria (xMurry), Maurizio, Duke of Cod (Maurizio Merluzzo), Danny, Count of Massellanza (Danny Lazzarin) and Thomas, Baron of Marenduzzo (Thomas Hungry).

As for the Comics area, in addition to the various stands for gadgets and the like, we obviously find stands with authors such as Sio, Giulio Mosca (The Mustache) e Givenwhile other authors, such as Licia Troisicould be found in the Fantasy Literature Area.
Among the many guests who have been there, there is certainly one not to be forgotten Gianluca Iacono (to understand, the voice actor of Vegeta), and i Gem Boy.

Do not forget the Asian Wave area, where, among other things, a fantastic Maid Cafe had been set up. For those of you wondering what a Maid Cafe is, don’t worry, I’ll explain it right away! It is a themed café of Japanese origins, where you are served by girls dressed as Maid (or by Butler, if they are boys), where you are entertained by games, singing performances and / or ballets. All this was possible to experience it at Etna Comics thanks to the guys from Maid Okaeri Cafe!

It’s Cosplay time!

But at a comic fair, can cosplayers be missing? Obviously not, In fact, among the guests in the cosplay field we find Crybaby Cosplay, Andrasta, Luce Cosplay, Cool Clean ed Andrea Franchini; Nothing short of fantastic!
Obviously they weren’t the only ones, in fact it was full of people (professionals and not) who stepped into the shoes of their favorite characters. Among the characters I’ve seen the most, those of Genshin Impacteverywhere I turned there was a cosplayer of the game, but it was still nice to see them.

They win the second position as “most viewed cosplay” Jinx is you arcane version, they were everywhere too, especially Jinx, but it’s always nice to see how different people play the same character!

As I told you at the beginning of the article, I’m a cosplayer too (or at least I try), so could I miss this opportunity to wear the shoes of the characters I love? You already know the answer, clearly not, so I’ll tell you my cosplayer experience at Etna Comics! I brought three different cosplays, the first day a casual version of Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer, of which unfortunately I was unable to take pictures, the second and fourth day I was Marin Kitagawa from My dress up darling, while the third and fifth day , Lucoa from Dragon Maid. I had a great time, it was the first serious fair I attended as a cosplayer and it was all beyond my expectations!

Although I am not a known person, I have been stopped by tons of kids, adults and children asking for a photo, a hug or just a chat, and it’s fantastic, especially because in moments like those you know that the people who stop you they are enjoying your work and all the time, money and effort it took to play that character you love so much. I admit it was tiring and tiring to do five days in a row, especially for the heat that was there, but it was worth it for all the fun and affection I received those days, and also for the beautiful photos of which I am. in love, shoot with @mariaandreafotografia.

Obviously the experiences lived at Etna comics, including guests, shows and everything else do not end here, but I would not want to dwell too much in the explanations. Have you ever participated in Etna Comics? If so, what do you think?

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