“My heart was invited to the void” Moe Iori, “Apex Legends” Wraith’s cosplay is too high quality | Mynavi News

Talent Moe Iori updated Twitter on Friday, 29th. “Apex Legends” Wraith cosplay was shown.

[Photo]Moe Iori’s “Apex Legends” Wraith continues to fall in love with her cool appearance

Boasting over 790,000 Twitter followers, he is active as a cosplayer and gravure idol.Moe Iori

This time, Iori has released a cosplay figure of Wraith, the character of the popular battle royale game “Apex Legends”. Along with Wraith’s favorite line, “Do your best because it doesn’t hurt,” he is showing off high-quality cosplay.

Many acclaimed comments were received on the internet for this full-scale cosplay photo, such as “Anything like this wraith will come with you!”, “My heart was invited to the void”, “Every time I take off my hat with high quality …” Was there.

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