My Hero Academia: American cosplayer has achieved the definitive interpretation of Mina Ashido

Out of all characters of My Hero Academia, there is no heroine who has stolen our hearts like Mina Ashido has. This UA Academy student does not exactly stand out for her strength, but boy can’t help but look at her when seen among other young people in class 1-A: perhaps this is due to her peculiar skin color. For that reason We were fascinated by this cosplay, as it has given us a faithful interpretation of Pinky at the same time that it has vindicated its position as a waifu among the characters of Boku no Hero.

Meet Pinky!

my hero academia anime characters

What a look… | Image: Pockythief (Facebook)

Seeing Pockythief’s cosplay we can conclude, without fear of being wrong, that this artist was born to play Mina Ashido. And it is that, beyond her surprising and faithful characterization of the character, her physical features are identical to those of the heroine created by Kohei Horikoshi.

In this way we can notice that the cosplayer has used a wardrobe very similar to Pinky’s heroine outfit, in addition to the fact that found covered in pink body paint: necessary in this case to emulate the skin color of this justice.

my hero academia cosplay characters

Fight the League of Villains! | Image: Pockythief (Facebook)

In the following image from the Pockythief set we can see Pinky again, but with a certainly different profile: with her fists raised, simulating an attack posture without sacrificing his beautiful smile.

Maybe Mina Ashido is not on the same level as other characters like All For One or All Might when we talk about powers, but without a doubt it is one of the strongest female characters in the entire series: something that this American artist has been able to interpret well.

my hero academia manga characters

The definitive waifu of Boku no Hero | Image: Pockythief (Facebook)

Being just a student, Pinky cannot yet be considered a professional vigilante of Musutafu, even so we cannot deny that this character has proven to be up to the greatest adversities (let’s only remember her fight against Gigatomachia). And thanks to what was seen in this amazing cosplay, we have been able to confirm that Mina Ashido is also one of the most beautiful beings that populate the Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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