My Hero Academia: Cosplay Remembers Heroine Midnight

It’s too early for fans of My Hero Academia have forgotten about Midnight, and that is why now an astonishing cosplay of professional heroin.

Midnight was characterized by her captivating personality and suggestive heroine outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Now this great interpretation gives us one of the most faithful versions that we have found:

Midnight cosplay

Foto: @blood.raven

With a pair of handcuffs on both wrists and a whip typical of her crime-fighting outfit, the villain comes to life again thanks to the cosplay. The professional heroine has an arsenal of her Gift known as “Dream Scent.” Just as the name suggests, is capable of releasing a substance from the whole body that induces sleep in people, although it is more effective in men than in women.

That’s another reason why his suit covers his entire body, otherwise he would have no control over his unique ability. The cosplay by Midnight is the work of the artist @ blood.raven, who shared it on Instagram and his social networks.

Midnight cosplay

Foto: @blood.raven

With his appearance in the prequels of My Hero Academia the affection that fans have for this character grew, although his story has not been completely adapted in the anime. That is why we will have to wait for the fifth season that will air this spring, and that will introduce us some new suits for our favorite heroes.

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