My Hero Academia: Girl brings out the feminine side of Deku in this cosplay

Can you imagine what Deku would look like from My Hero Academia if i was a girl? We have certainly seen countless fanarts of the heir of All Might in female version, but this cosplay goes one step further and He introduces us to a Deku as if he were already a woman.

From the hand of the cosplayer @ alice.loneunicorn, Deku comes to life as a girl in an incredible performance. The photos can be found on the artist’s Instagram account, the platform where this faithful version of Deku is presented to us:

My Hero Academia Deku Cosplay Woman Girl

Photo: @ alice.loneunicorn

With all the freckles that characterize the UA Academy student, the cosplay recreate Izuku in his hero costume that earned him the famous nickname “Green Naruto”. The student’s costume comes to life in great detail, including his white gloves, part of his mask, and even the ears that adorn his hat and are a clear tribute to the number one heroes’ wacky hairstyle.

And of course the pea-colored hair could not be missing in this interpretation.

My Hero Academia Deku Cosplay Woman Girl

Photo: @ alice.loneunicorn

The fifth season of My Hero Academia will premiere on March 27 with a new story arc that will put students in classes 1-A and 1-B to compete against each other in a new series of tests that will hone their skills as future professionals.

What did you think of this cosplay who imagines Deku as a woman?

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