My Hero Academia has a spectacular and faithful new cosplay

My Hero Academia (also known as Boku no Hero Academia) presents us with each episode new heroes and villains ready to face each other in lethal battles. Nevertheless, part of the grace of the series is to see how these aspiring heroes, who enter the academy, improve their skills, as in the case of Ochaco Uraraka.

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This young woman possesses one of the most special abilities of the series, the manipulation of gravity. Thanks to this he can control debris to throw them at high speeds against his enemies, or manipulate them so that they cannot set foot on the battlefield. Today, an Instagram cosplay artist @thevirtualgeisha has shared an Ochako outfit as a cheerleader.

One of the villains who has recently received a cosplay has been Himiko Toga, which has been traced to perfection with fantastic armor and clothing details.

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