My Hero Academia: Momo Yaoyorozu is ready to take down the villains of Musutafu with this incredible cosplay

Of all the characters of My Hero Academia, there is no one that has captivated us as much as the magnetic Momo Yaoyorozu has. Not only is she one of the most beautiful waifus that Kohei Horikoshi has presented to us, she is also one of the most powerful fighters that the UA Academy has. We loved this cosplay, because it gave us a faithful interpretation of the superheroine who knew how to give the fearsome Eraserhead what he deserved.

She is the heroine Creati!

my hero academia cosplay characters

What object will he remove from his arm using his Gift? | Image: Amy Hu (Facebook)

Looking at the work Amy Hu has done, we can safely say that This cosplayer was born to play one of the most powerful female vigilantes in My Hero Academia: the heroine for all Creati, Momo Yaoyorozu.

In this way we notice that the artist is using a piece of vinyl that she has attached to a felt skirt that seems to be about to burst. Also, we can note that the cosplayer has been careful to use a wig very similar to Momo’s hair, and that By editing the photograph, she has put a pinkish glow on her arm simulating the Gift of this warrior.

my hero academia anime characters

A blade has come out of your fingers! | Image: Amy Hu (Facebook)

In the following image from Amy Hu’s set we can see Momo Yaoyorozu again, but with a certainly different profile: on the ground, in an offensive position, and with a huge blade sticking out of his arm. It seems that this heroine is in trouble, but using her Gift, she prepares the counterattack.

my hero academia manga characters

For something is the heroine for everything | Image: Amy Hu (Facebook)

Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the most advanced students of Class 1-A, and although at the moment her power is not comparable to that of a professional hero, we do not doubt that with time this character will become one of the most powerful vigilantes of all. Musutafu.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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