My Hero Academia Mt. Lady cosplay arrives to save you from a bad day

You can say almost anything about My Hero Academia, but not that it lacks excellent designs for its secondary characters. MT. Lady is the clear example of this and that is why it is not surprising that the Internet is full of cosplays dedicated to her.

The cosplay that we present to you now is from the 27-year-old artist โ€œMangoeโ€ who lives in Chicago, United States. With a simple costume, purple pupils and horns, he managed to represent very well that mischievous personality that Yu Takeyama has, one of the characters of My Hero Academia fan favorites.

Cosplay my hero academia mt lady

Image: Instagram / @Mangoecos

Yu Takeyama is currently the 23rd heroine within the ranking of most powerful heroes registered in the region where Izuku Midoriya lives. Its “Gigantification” power allows it to increase its size and therefore its combat and rescue capabilities are seriously taken into account.

cosplay de my hero academia mt lady mangoe

Image: Instagram / @Mangoecos

On the other hand, the cosplayer is also dedicated to streaming on Twitch playing horror and action video games. Her almost 3,000 followers follow her every Wednesday afternoon to play games or just chat with her. He also sells his sets of cosplay photos in physical format (prints) for fifteen dollars.

my hero academia cosplay mt lady yu takeyama mangoe

Image: Instagram / @Mangoecos

Mt. Lady is part of the team known as Los Lurkers after the retirement of All Might was known in history. Commanded by Edgshot, Yu Takeyama teams up with Kamui Woods to keep the villains away from the townspeople. In this team are currently collaborating Denki Kaminari, Minoru Mineta, Hanta Sero and Ibara Shiozaki (from class B).

As we always say around here, if you liked the cosplayer’s work, don’t forget to support her on all her social networks and consume her content that she does professionally. Stay in Spaghetti Code for more cosplays of My Hero Academia and your favorite anime.


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