My Hero Academia, the cosplay of Himiko of f.ukuro is crazy, therefore perfect –

From the world of My Hero Academia comes another notable cosplay, this time from f.ukuro which faithfully replicates the character of Himiko Toga, one of the most charismatic of the series, which is captured in all its madness by this reinterpretation.

Himiko is part of theUnion of Villain but it remains one of the characters more iconic of the series, given its peculiarities. It is a particularly powerful girl in combat and above all decidedly crazy, clearly inspired by the imagination of the Japanese yandere.

Following the stereotype, Himiko appears to be a cheerful girl, sweet and calm but manifest sadistic tendencies and total disregard for danger and pity, showing, however, a considerable mental instability.

These characteristics are well summarized in the photos of f.ukuro below, where the girl appears covered in sketches of blood but always keeping its typical grin disturbing. Also note the video inserted in the sequence and also distributed through TikTok, in which it is possible to see the transformation of the cosplayer from his normal appearance to the character of My Hero Academia.

As for other cosplay, we remember that of Mary Jane Watson from MissBri, that of Tifa from sbabbycosplay and that of Annie from mk_ays from Attack of the Giants.

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