My Hero Academia: the darkest episode of the anime is coming

Although fans of My Hero Academia they are focused on the release of the film World Heroes Mission, by now really in days, the fifth season continues quickly and has reached the end of the narrative arc of the internship at the agency of Endeavor. There will not even be a moment of pause, however, because already starting from the next episode a dark shadow will fall on the anime taken from the work of Kohei Horikoshi.

The warning to fans came straight from Junichi Suwabe, the actor who voices the professor Shota Aizawa, who posted a Twitter message which appeared just like a vague notice intended for enthusiasts:

“Next week’s episode of My Hero Academia will be THAT episode”

The hint, however, was understandable only to those fans who have kept up with the manga of Horikoshi (for this in the article there will be spoiler!).

As is clear from the previews of the next episode in fact, the next episode will be transitional and will focus on Eraserhead e Present Mic. The two will in fact be the protagonists of a short flashback, in which they will be shown to us at the time of their studies in high school. Yuei. Here we will see them in the company of another student, a character we have never met before, their classmate Shirakumo. In the present, however, Aizawa e Mic they will question the criminal ofUnion of Villain Kurogiri, captured by Gran Torino and now detained in Tartaros. And what’s worse, Kurogiri seems to be related to that student glimpsed in the flashback.

A nice and good warning therefore the one made by Suwabe, which has done nothing but warn fans of the curtain of darkness that is about to fall on the series. Moreover, soon the anime will face the narrative arc My Villain Academia, focusing his attention on Shigaraki and its allies. The clash between heroes and villains is about to get more violent than ever.

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