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I walked aside the art space and walked through the cold winter of Beijing with my friends, and finally waited for the long-awaited spring to bloom. When the artistic vitality of 798 is reviving again, stepping aside is about to usher in a truly international heavyweight exhibition-the theme exhibition of the personal art works of Japanese contemporary artist Kojiro Matsumoto: PH-VLKR.

Kojiro Matsumoto was born in 1976 and is one of Japan’s most watched contemporary artists. He currently lives in Tokyo. He majored in fine arts at Tama Art University and obtained a master’s degree. After graduating from university, he gradually felt that the current situation of Japanese contemporary art was not satisfactory and thought it was too conservative. So in addition to personal creation, Kojiro also organized and planned a large number of group exhibitions to challenge the trend of Japanese contemporary art to learn from the Western trend. And has been exploring the originality and originality of Japanese contemporary art. Kojiro’s paintings are influenced by Japanese anime, traditional Japanese art manga, illustrations, post-war animation characters, and even Hong Kong movies. They depict a large number of young and cute girls and animals in Japanese pop culture; at the same time, he also draws on 17-19th century Japan The traditional styles of painting and Ukiyo-e combined with Japan’s unique culture and history have reconstructed the concept of Japanese contemporary art in its own unique way. These accomplishments soon made him stand out among Japanese artists, art dealers and collectors. This PH-VLKR is not only the first time his works have been exhibited in mainland China, but also the largest and largest themed solo exhibition in his career.

This is also an exhibition with rich cultural connotations and family power. The name of the exhibition PH-VLKR comes from a concept that combines real history and classic animation-PH is taken from the American F-4 “Phantom” fighter. The two-seat, two-engine, heavy-duty air defense fighter developed by McDonnell Douglas in 1956 is capable of performing various tasks such as fighter jets and nuclear bombers. The maximum flight speed is 2731 km/h (twice the speed of sound) and the maximum flight altitude is 60,000 feet (18,200 meters). It can be called one of the most classic fighter jets in the history of the US military. And VLKR comes from the artist’s favorite and deeply influenced classic animation series “Macros Macross”, in which the VF-1 Valkyrie (Valkyrie) is the first variable fighter jet with thermonuclear engine adopted by the Earth United Army. It is also the first variable fighter in the animation to officially serve. In the 1980s, the VF-1 Valkyrie used the wonderful battle scenes in the film to make it popular among countless young anime fans and military enthusiasts at the time. .

And all this seems to have nothing in common with the most representative artistic image in his paintings-a sweet little girl. However, the artist has also stated that the girl in the painting is an unconscious projection of the artist to his daughter. Although the daughter is not deliberately centered in the creation, the character gradually grows up as the daughter grows. In the field of art, Kojiro is a “rebel”, and in life, he is a gentle dad who depends on his daughter for life. This is also the reason why Kojiro uses colored pencils as painting materials. In addition to loving its light and gentle colors, It can also enable him to create while still taking care of his daughter at any time. The light strokes and soft colors of colored pencils have gradually become the style features of his works. It can be said that every brushstroke in the images of those girls is full of true paternal love and the responsibility of fathers that are increasingly being valued by society.

In PH-VLKR, the most eye-catching work of the same name in this exhibition, the little girl looks petite and cute in a JK uniform, but she wears a female warrior-like figure and a strong demeanor, even the mask on her face. A symbol of the era, it has also been portrayed as similar to combat equipment. In other works, girls are sweet and ignorant, weak and lonely, or always accompanied by cute animals, even though they are Kojiro’s most popular artistic images. However, through the theme of this exhibition, we can imagine that as her daughter grows up, Kojiro’s expectations of her as a father are slowly changing. This also responds to the current shift in the concept of gender characteristics in the current society, and reminds us that cuteness can also be full of power, and such power, especially from the gift of the father’s thought and action, is like the ambition of man to conquer the sky and the interstellar And courage. Even in Japan, where anime aesthetics and cute girls are still widely loved, art works have still been born, and more and more invincible “valkyrie” will be born.

In addition to exhibitions, the Art Space will also carry out a series of extensions around Kojiro’s rich pop culture. In addition to selling Kojiro’s original paintings, prints, collectible limited statues, etc., the exhibition site can also receive coins. Try your skills on the crane machine in the exhibition. The audience will have the opportunity to catch Kojiro’s pink monster Henchikirin’s limited edition plush toys . In the space design, the immersive atmosphere will be more prominent, allowing the audience to step into the dazzling art world of Kojiro; in terms of participation, an exclusive printing workshop will be created, allowing participants to personally “cross-border” Kojiro and put themselves His creativity is integrated into the artist’s artistic image.

More surprises will be unlocked one by one in the not-distant warm spring day. The theme exhibition of Japanese contemporary artist Kojiro Matsumoto’s personal artwork: PH-VLKR is now available on major ticketing platforms. This major exhibition will definitely live up to expectations. Moving aside will also take a broader path in the direction of diversification and internationalization.

Editor in charge: Ren Xinyi (EN063)


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