Nami from One Piece is more beautiful than ever in this hot cosplay by kallisi__vamp

One Piece it is one of the most popular Japanese products all over the world. The story and characters invented by Eichiro Room they have been able to constantly fascinate millions of readers and viewers all over the world, regardless of latitude or cultural background.

The motivations behind this practically planetary success are multiple and layered: we are talking about an incredibly well made world, with a certain attention to detail and a practically omnipresent fantasy, which snakes in practically any detail.

nami one piece bath

The manga has been rumored for years moving towards the conclusion by its author and for years we have always been denied by beautiful chapters, with always new characters that fill the various world of One Piece.

If there are any characters that can be considered immortal, well, it’s hard to look in places other than the gorgeous crew of straw hat.

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Franky are just some of the most interesting personalities of the generic history of the manga while it is impossible not to be charmed by the beauty of Nami or Nico Robin, a duo of a rare charm.

Today we are talking about Us and of the splendid cosplay that proposes its version post time-skip made by the talented expensive__vamp (@kallisi__vamp).

The navigator of the straw hat crew was made in an incredibly faithful way by the cosplayer who guesses all the stylistic traits: from long red hair to Log Pose that Us must use to correctly target the Thousand Sunny on the complicated major route.

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Not to be missed (fortunately) is also the generous décolleté that gives the character that pinch of pepper that never hurts. Kallisi_vamp fortunately she is well fitted from this point of view and embellishes everything with a nice colored bra, which gives even more realism to the character.

Of course, maybe we could complain about details such as the fact that jeans are not quite similar to those that the busty pirate wears during the course of the anime but we don’t think we should complain about such subtleties, when the great details have been made. with the right care (and the right measures).

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