Naruto: Boruto Shows What Gaara’s Sexy Jutsu Looks Like

Throughout its history, the anime of Naruto He showed us all kinds of techniques used by the ninjas to function on the battlefield, however, few as comical and remembered as the jutsu sexy of the protagonist, which generated all kinds of funny and troublesome moments within Konoha.

In this jutsu, the user transforms into a feminine and sensual version, which is not the most effective at the moment of a confrontation but is capable of undoing any shinobi. This technique was later learned by Konohamaru and by Boruto himself, son of the Seventh Hokage, however, now the latter has been commissioned to imagine a version of the sexy jutsu on Gaara and Shinki.

gaara jutsu sexy naruto manga boruto

Sexy sand jutsu | Image: @Nite_Baron / Twitter

The manga of Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations, is an official work of the franchise where all the characters present versions chibis or cute, and follow adventures focused on the day-to-day of the protagonists. Here, Boruto is curious as to what Gaara would look like with him. jutsu sexy, and a small bubble with his thoughts reveals the prestigious Kazekage with a sensual female figure wrapped in sand.

Gaara’s discomfort at seeing that image is notorious on the other side, so surely we will never see the leader of the Sand Village execute this jutsu, although the son of the Seventh Hokage has already betrayed him.

What do you think about the jutsu sexy Gaara from the anime Naruto?


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