Naruto Shippuden, 5 secrets about Itachi that you have not seen in the manga

Masashi Kishimoto has created with Naruto a huge world, full of references and countries to explore, characters to know and learn more about. But in the manga published in Weekly Shonen Jump there was not enough space and time to explore everything properly. Itachi Uchiha is one of the in-depth characters outside the manga in Naruto.

So here it is five characteristics of Itachi Uchiha that are not presented in the Naruto manga.

  • The descriptions of Studio Pierrot confirm that Itachi Uchiha was 125 cm tall at the time of the academy, then passing to 130 from genin, 148 from Anbu and 170 when there was the betrayal of the Uchiha clan;
  • During his Konoha ninja career, Itachi has completed 340 missions, including 53 of rank D, 152 of rank C, 134 of rank B, 0 of rank A and 1 of rank S;
  • According to Naruto’s databooks, in general Itachi Uchiha is the ninja with the highest characteristics, alla pari con Jiraiya;
  • In his time as Anbu, Itachi met Kakashi with whom he carried out some missions;
  • In a filler of the anime of Naruto: Shippuden it is revealed how Itachi has a particular relationship with Izumi, a girl of the Uchiha clan.

Did you know these traits about one of the most beloved ninja in the manga and anime of Naruto?

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