Naturo: Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Brings This Character To Real Life

Hinata Hyuga de Naruto Or also known today as Hinata Uzumaki, she is a Kunoichi of the Chunin rank of Konohagakure and a former heir to the main branch of the Hyuga clan, as well as daughter of Hiashi Hyuga, cousin of Neji Hyuga and older sister of Hanabi Hyuga.

She was part of Kurenai’s team and partner of Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. She later became the wife of Naruto, with whom she had two children, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki.

Definitely this shy girl has become one of the great waifus from the anime, because in addition to being Naruto’s partner, her personality different from the rest caused a great fury for her, this is reflected when the cosplayers they recreate her in incredible outfits like the following.

Foto: Kinpatsu-Cosplay

It is cosplay by Hinata is made by the great cosplayer Y crafter @ Kinpatsu-Cosplay who has given life to this character when she is a little older and we can see her in Naruto Shippuden.

The aspects that we can quickly recognize about Hinata and that she retains over the years is her long, straight black hair and her characteristic grayish eyes.

In this other photograph we can better appreciate this cosplay de Hinata Hyuga in the middle of what appears to be a forest. In this character we can always emphasize the sweetness and tenderness that this character gives off and ultimately this outfit meets this aspect.

And although this character is love and tenderness, it also has a sensual side, that is why the pose in which the cosplayer in question without a doubt brings out this side of Hinata in a very discreet way.

Hinata has so many styles that we wouldn’t know which one is our favorite, but which one do you prefer?


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