Naughty Dog chooses two Italian cosplayers for Ellie and Dina

The Last of Us Parte II, the game Naughty Dog released last June last year on PS4 consoles, it has certainly made its way into the hearts of all owners of PS4 consoles.

A phenomenon, that of the Sony title, which has also overwhelmed some of the best cosplayers in our country and beyond: we remember the Ellie magnificently recreated by the talented Chibmiu, without forgetting the version of Abby in the cosplay made by a talented Italian girl, Alessia Grassi.

Apparently, that’s not all: Virginia Ceci e Rita Grieco have been chosen for the best themed cosplay The Last of Us Parte II. In the image that you can see a little further down, shared by them account social Naughty Dog officers, we can indeed admire the beautiful work put in place to replicate the features of Ellie e Dina.

Credit by fotografacida_portraits

The final result, one of the most fascinating on display in recent years (with over 3000 likes and as many shares), is truly amazing. But that’s not all: Naughty Dog also gives you the possibility to upload your work by clicking on this address.

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In the original game, we were able to experience the poignant love story between the two characters, a feeling destined to be questioned several times by Ellie’s thirst for revenge (we will not reveal more to you so as not to spoil the surprise, in case you have to still play the title in question).

The Last of Us Parte II is available since last June 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as being playable in backward compatibility on PS5.

If you intend to join Ellie’s journey you can buy the game by taking advantage of the price proposed by Amazon, really very beneficial.

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