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[Nearly 20 industry-themed ETF funds aresuance boom]Since the beginning of this year, industry-themed varieties have been favored by funds, especially ETF funds will usher in a boom after the Chinese New Year. According to incomplete statistics, starting from the first trading day of the Year of the Ox, nearly 20 ETF funds under Ping An Fund, CCB Fund, China Asset Management and other companies have started to issue, covering many hot industry sectors. (Shanghai Securities News)

Since the beginning of this year, industry-themed varieties have beenfundsFavor, especiallyETFfundWill usher in a wave of distribution after the Lunar New Year.

According to incompletestatistics, From the first trading day of the Year of the Ox, Ping An Fund,CCB FundChina Asset ManagementWaitthe companyNearly 20 of itsETF fundsIssues have been launched successively, covering many hot industry sectors.

This year’s hot plateChemical IndustryAs an example, there is Penghua Zhongzheng Subdivision Chemical IndustryindustryFour funds including ETF, Wells Fargo China Securities Subdivision Chemical Industry Theme ETF, Cathay Pacific China Securities Subdivision Chemical Industry Theme ETF, and Huabao Chemical ETF have been issued successively. According to the arrangement, Fortune Chemical ETF and Penghua China Securities Sub-Chemical Industry ETF will only be issued on February 18.

  Penghua FundQuantitative and derivativesinvestmentMinistry FundmanagerYan Dong said that the chemical industryenterprise2020PerformanceRanked in the forefront of all industries, and the valuation is only at about 50% of history. Confirmed performance and low valuation have made chemical stocks outstanding since the beginning of the year.At the same time, it is expected that the performance of chemical companies in the second quarter is expected to maintain good performance.Hershey’smachine.

Taking the representative game industry of the “home economy” as an example, Huatai Berry CSI Animation Game ETF, China CSI Animation Game ETF, Cathay Pacific CSI Animation Game ETF will be released on the same day of February 19, and the release date is only one day .According to industry insiders, the mobile game sector has strong endogenous growth, and major companies have steadily launched newproduct, Gradually jumping out of the product cycle, last year’s mobile gamemarketThe scale continues to grow steadily, and we should not be overly worried about “scheduled speculation.” As the world’s largest game market, China is also the country with the largest revenue from game research and development in the world, and its industry has great potential for development.

In addition, CCB CSI Innovative Drug Industry ETF, China CSI Biotechnology ETF, Huaan CSI Full IndexSecuritiesSub-sector ETF funds such as company ETF and Penghua China Securities Livestock Breeding ETF will also be issued one by one.

A fund manager in South China said,short termLook,A crotchThe market may continue to rebalance the style. Among them, “low valuation + profitimprove“It will be the core idea of ​​future allocation. Taking into account the current overall valuation of the market, the follow-up is optimistic about the procyclical sector’s internal valuation space and high prosperity.

(Source: Shanghai Securities News)

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