Netflix drops first full trailer for Cowboy Bebop

Many attempts have been made to convert Japanese anime and manga into live action movies and series. That often goes completely wrong. We also thought that about Cowboy Bebop for a while, until we saw the first images a while ago. And now Netflix has shown the first full trailer.

Cowboy Bebop is an anime released in the late 1990s that stood out for its cool style. It is a series set in the year 2071, in which you follow a couple of bountie hunters who cause a lot of chaos. And that will soon be the case in the Netflix series.

Cowboy Bebop gets Netflix trailer

Well, it became clear a while ago that Cowboy Bebop would come to Netflix as a live action series. And the different images were nice. There was also good news regarding the soundtrack. Because there was a collaboration with Yōko Kanno, who also made the original soundtrack. This gives you a nice mix of jazz and blues, which fits the setting perfectly. In the first trailer you hear that soundtrack, but you also get to see how the different characters have interacted with each other. Watch that trailer below.

Cowboy Bebop’s live action series stars John Cho, Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir. And in addition, in the trailer we see the first images of Ein The Corgi. Hopefully the cool atmosphere that is in the trailer will be carried through to the final whole. You can watch the series on Netflix from November 19.

Get in the mood

If you have never seen Cowboy Bebop, you can already get in the right mood since last week. That’s when the original anime was released on Netflix. Although this one is over twenty years old, it is still worth checking out.

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Netflix drops first full trailer for Cowboy Bebop

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